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Zen Buddhism: A History (Japan) (Treasures of the World's Religions) (Volume 2)
James W. Heisig, Heinrich Dumoulin, Paul F. Knitter
The Zen Teaching of Homeless Kodo
Jokei Molly Delight Whitehead, Kosho Uchiyama Roshi, Shohaku Okumura, Shohaku Okumura
Living by Vow: A Practical Introduction to Eight Essential Zen Chants and Texts
Shohaku Okumura
Ron Chernow
Being Nobody, Going Nowhere: Meditations on the Buddhist Path
Zoketsu Norman Fischer, Ayya Khema

Gravity's Rainbow

Gravity's Rainbow - Thomas Pynchon I gave up. Probably less than 100 pages in. It's just too obtuse. This is the first novel I've picked up in a long, long time and mainly on the vauge cultural sense that it was an "important book." That's probably a poor reason for picking a book. I didn't realize it was about World War II or V2, which makes that fact that I just can't get into it fairly puzzling. And I was an English major! I should be enjoying the meandering oblique style. But it was just annoying. One run on paragraph-length sentence after another with the feeling that if I only read every other word I would get just as much meaning as reading the full sentence or the opposite every-other-word.